Revisiting my Day Zero Project


Remember back in 2011 when I posted this well I haven’t forgotten about the project although it might seem like I have.  My end date is fast approaching and I’ve decided that I’m dedicating the rest of the year to finishing off what I have on my list. I jumped on the Day Zero Projects bandwagon when a lot of the bloggers I followed began posting about it.  I’m a differently person from when I started this project and I feel like I should be allowed to alter it a tad to fit my current lifestyle.  Instead of finishing off my list in 1001 days I’m going to give myself until the end of the year to do as much as I can.  This project is now going to be 1174 days not 1001.

for others

1. Donate Blood (1/6)

2. Get Involved with Habitat for Humanity

3. Make Crème brûlée for my cousin.

4. Volunteer at the Rescue Mission (0/18)

5. Bake something to give to someone (4/8)

6. Advocate for an organization (1/12)

7. Donate to a charity (ongoing Kiva)

8.  Take a photo of my little Buttercup in my wedding dress and donate it afterwards

9. Donate things we don’t use or need around the house (ongoing becoming a minimalist)

10. Recycle everything we possible can (ongoing)

for myself

11. Get an awesome job that I love

12. Try escargot (accomplished thanks to my cousin)

13. No social media for a month (accomplished July ’12)

14. Get a facial (accomplish June ’14)

15. Learn French

16. Get 3 massages (accomplished June ’14)

17. Not watch TV for 30 days (accomplished early 2013

18. Learn conversational Mandarin

19. Wear a 2 piece bathing suit at the beach

20. Learn conversational Italian

for health.jpg.

21. Start Couch to 5k

22. Only eat out 2 meals a week for the rest of the year

23. Go to bed before midnight for the rest of the year

24. Run Disney half marathon (accomplished 1/29/12)

25. Run a 5k

26. Run a colorful 5k

27. Go walking everyday with my mom for a month

28. Give up fried food for the rest of the year

29. Give up dessert for 3 months

30. Lose 50 pounds (accomplished but gained it back after the baby) (trying it again)

31. Give up dairy for a month

family friends and love32. Get pregnant (accomplished Jan ’13)

33. Signup my little Buttercup for a class

34. Visit my parents every month for year (accomplished March ’14)

35. Work on genealogy tree for our family

36.  Transfer family movies to dvds (accomplished summer ’13)

37. Go on an overnight trip with the Hubby

38. Have 5 date nights with the Hubby

39. Scan all old family photos on computer

40. Teach my little godson how to make Chocolate Chip Cookies (5/28/12)

learn creative blog41. Learn Lightroom

42. Learn HTML

43. Learn XHTML

44. Learn Java

45. Learn Excel

46. Learn all the functions in my DSLR

47. Enter a photo competition

48. Enter a baking competition

49. Complete a 365 project (ongoing will be finished at the end of the year)

50. Make our wedding album

51. Re-decorate our apartment (accomplished 3/24/12)

52. Learn how to use my mac

53. Blog at least once a week for the rest of the year

54. Bake colorful macarons

55. Bake 20 recipes from a cookbook

56. Make a photo book of the Hubby and I

57. Get CPR certified

58. Grow an indoor herb garden (accomplished 3/24/12)

59. Carve a cool Halloween pumpkin (accomplished 10/31/11)

60. Learn how to make tamales

61. Organize all our photos (ongoing)

62. Redo the chair I found in the alley

63. Repaint our dresser

64. Decorate a cake with fondant (I tried but failed Jan ’14)

65. Decorate a cake with royal icing

entertainment66. Visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris (accomplished 9/23/11)

67.Go to Kansas with my mom (accomplished 11/01/11)

68. Visit the Grand Canyon

69. Take my little Buttercup to Mexico

70. Visit New York, NY

71. Go to Yosemite

72. Go to San Francisco

73. Go to Sequoia

74. Take a family trip to Las Vegas

75. Go to a concert

76. Go on vacation with a group of friends

77.  Go on a cruise with the Hubby (accomplished a mini cruise while in Maui March ’12)

78. Visit Chihuahua, Mexico (upcoming trip July ’14)

79. Visit another continent

80. Go kayaking

81. Go on a road trip with the Hubby and our little Buttercup

82. Go snorkeling (accomplished 3/29/12)

83. Build a snowman

84. Go horseback riding (accomplished 3/30/12)

85. Visit a Lake

86. Buy another lens

87. Go to Monterey Aquarium

88. Go hiking at Point Lobos

89. Visit Big Sur

90. Visit Taliesin West

91. Visit my cousin in Arizona

92. Visit Yellowstone

business and money.jpg.

93. Open an Etsy Shop

94. Save up for closing cost for a house (March ’14 to March ’15)

95. Set up my own photography website (in progress)

96. Write out our living will

97. List 10 thing on Etsy Shop

98. Sell a photograph

99. Get sponsors for my blog

100. Get my own domain name (accomplished thanks to the Hubby)

101. Write code for my own blog

Our little Buttercup’s cute owl nursery

When we first were deciding on a theme we wanted to do something gender neutral but at the end we went with a cute girly theme. One day while we where at Babies R Us the Hubby saw the cute owl bedding and fell in love with it.  Since I originally wanted to do a Toy Story theme it took a little more convincing for me but after I found out my grandma loved owls I was sold on the idea.  The nursery is one of my favorite places to sit and relax.  I hope you enjoy our little Buttercup’s room as much as we do.

Cute Owl Nursery - Sweets and Life

Cute Owl Nursery - Sweets and Life

Cute Owl Nursery - Sweets and Life

Cute Owl Nursery - Sweets and Life

Cute Owl Nursery - Sweets and LIfe

Cute Owl Nursery- Sweets and Life

Cute Owl Nursery - Sweets and Life

Cute Owl Nursery - Sweets and Life

The details

Chair and foot stool- Ikea Poang

Owl decal – Amazon

Owl lamp – Amazon (baby shower gift)

Owl Crib Bedding – Amazon (we got ours from Babies R Us but they don’t sell it anymore)

Giraffe – Disney Store (Lion King Collection)

Books – Yard sales, gifts, Burlington Coat Factory, and Target

Crib – Graco Charleston

Mattress – Target

Dresser – Ikea Hemnes

Hampers – Ikea Filur Bin

Blackout Curtains – Target (At first we had white ones but the green ones made the room darker for nap time.)

I’m so happy to finally be able to share my little Buttercup’s nursery with you. I hope you all like it as much as I do. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

DIY: Mickey Mouse Cutlery

Now that the party is finally over I’m ready to post some of the DIY projects I did for my little Buttercup’s birthday.  This is one of the first DIY projects I tackled.  I was inspired by this photo  from Catch My Party.

{Sweets and Life} DIY: Mickey Mouse Cutlery

Supplies Needed:

  1. Cutlery (Knives, forks, and spoons) -> I got these from the Dollar Tree
  2. Napkins -> I used red and yellow ones from the Dollar Tree
  3. Strips of decorative card-stock or ribbon -> I bought the polka dot paper at Michaels when it went on sale
  4. Mickey hands or face -> I used a Cricut Expressions and the Mickey & Friends cartridge to create these
  5. Glue tape or something sticky

(Sweets and Life) DIY: Mickey Mouse Cutlery

If you have a Cricut it’s very easy to make but if you don’t just do a simple Google search and you’ll come across a ton of different templates.

{Sweets and Life} DIY: Mickey Mouse Cutlery

Once you have your supplies you can begin to put everything together.  Place your cutlery one on top of each other. I put the knife on the bottom followed by the fork and the spoon.  Roll the napkin on top of the cutlery and lay it flat.

{Sweets and Life} DIY: Mickey Mouse Cutlery
Take your decorative card stock or ribbon and wrap it around the napkin.  I put a strip of glue tape on the very end to hold it together.   I used the same type of glue to put the Mickey Mouse glove on the polka dot paper.  Now there you have it all completed.  I did about 100 settings with different types of napkin and cutler combinations.  You can use this same method with ribbon and using your glue gun to hold it together.  I’ve always thought that it was the little things that make parties memorable.

Life: A Hello Kitty Birthday Party

Last weekend we celebrated our little goddaughter’s 7th birthday.  She had never had a party and we couldn’t be happier to be able to do it for her.  We decided early on to make it a surprise party and we didn’t tell anyone in the Hubby’s side of the family.  We were hoping to have a beautiful sunny Southern California day but unfortunately it was extremely cold.  It was so cold I had to bring out blankets for everyone to use.  I know that if my family from Kansas is reading this they will laugh at us but give me a break 50 °F is cold to us.   If you follow me on Twitter or on Instagram you know that I got a cold the day after Thanksgiving.  I wasn’t planning on getting sick and as a result I didn’t have time to finish up some projects I had planned to do.  Without further ado here’s the small party we had for our little goddaughter.

Hello Kitty Tables

Hello Kitty Water

Hello Kitty Marshmallows

Hello Kitty Banana Pudding

Hello Kitty Cake

Hello Kitty Cake Pops

Hello Kitty Dessert Table

Hello Kitty Pinata

Birthday banner: Party City.

Hello Kitty hats: I added the Hello Kitty faces to hats from Target using my friend’s Cricut cartridge.

Hello Kitty water: I got the idea from here.

Hello Kitty cotton candy: I bought it at the 99 cent only store.

Hello Kitty marshmallows: I bought them at Daiso Japan.

Banana pudding recipe: Here

Cake and candle: Ralphs

Hello Kitty cake pops: Bakerella

Hello Kitty Piñata: Our local hispanic water store

I hope you enjoyed the little party we threw for our sweet goddaughter. It was a lot of work but it was well worth it. One thing I learned during this party was that if I’m hosting I don’t have time to take pictures.