Hello and Welcome to my little corner of the world!!

I am Elena a lover of humanity and who believes in the beauty this life has to offer. I enjoy learning about new cultures, different traditions, and I loves to travel. I believes in happy ever afters, fairytales, and in magic. I love keeping up with social media and I am a self proclaimed geek. I am a happy individual who is grateful for the amazing things in her life. Someone who never leaves home without a camera in her purse, who enjoys writing calligraphy, sending out Christmas cards, baking, crafting, planning parties and spending time with family.

Thank you with all my heart for stopping by, taking the time to look around, and for caring enough to read my blog!

♥ Elena

You can also find me on Instagram and Pinterest.
If you’d like to get in contact with me please do so at: sweetsandlife[@]gmail[.]com

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