My search for the perfect wedding band!!

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Kevin Jewelers
We already bought my fiance’s wedding band back in January. Since he is a no nonsense kind of guy he opted for a sturdy but very budget friendly Tungsten Band from Kevin Jewelers.

I on the other hand since I have more expensive taste and I want both my engagement ring to and my band to match I have opted for platinum. I completely love this wedding band from Jared’s but in platinum it makes it out of my price range.

This ring from Costco is more in my price range unfortunately I found out today that their ladies rings only come in size 7. (FYI: There men ring’s come only in size 10.) I know what some of you might be thinking about my attempt at getting a ring at Costco. I mean when you think about wedding rings who would think about Costco but the way I look at is that they have great customer service and reasonable prices.

Blue Nile
This is another ring that is my price range and is also in the metal I want. My fiance purchased my engagement ring from Blue Nile and I absolutely love it. They have amazing customer service and a wide selection for reasonable prices.

I will keep you posted on what ring I decide to go with once I figure it out.

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