Our trip to the Dollar Tree Store…


This past weekend my FI and I went on an outing to the Dollar Tree store in search of more bargains for our wedding. We went with an open mind and to my surprise we found something we actually needed…bubbles!!!!

Yes, that’s right I said “Bubbles” we wanted an alternative for rice or rose pedals to be thrown on us when we exit the church and we decided this would be the best. What can I say we are children at heart. I cannot take the credit for the bubble idea since it was actually my FI who mentioned it since he saw it in a wedding photograph online. Since I love bubbles I immediately agreed with the idea. The only thing is that we did not want to pay a lot for the bubbles and this is where our trip came in handy. We found a pack of 12 for only $1!!! That’s right we bought 6 packs for $5 and since they are plain I plan on putting a ribbon on them to make them pretty. I’ll post pictures when I actually start decorating them until then these are other things we saw in the wedding aisle…

We also bought 2 heart shaped vases to use in our candy buffet which I will share with you later. Don’t worry if you do not have a Dollar Tree Store near you, you can also order online!! Yep the economy might be bad but you can still splurge at the Dollar Tree Store for bubbles!!

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