Save it or lose it…

Save the Date, Wedding

So the save the date cards (STD’s) is something that had not been done in my family before. A few of my family member including my parents have told me, “Oh, we received your invitation but it didn’t have any details about the wedding.” To which I had to explain to them how the STD’s work and why it is important to send them.

I basically told them that they are used mainly for people that are out of town and need to know when your wedding date is going to be. The reason you send it before is because obviously you don’t have your invitations yet and its way to recognize that they are indeed invited and they should plan around the wedding date. It is also a way for you to send information about your wedding website. Ideally they should be sent out about 6 months before your actual wedding date or as soon as you have set the date.

If you need more information on the actual etiquette regarding STD’s please visit The Knot.

Here are some cute ones I found in my journey for ours:


Both of the above STD’s are magnets and I think are a really cute idea however we decided to go with something that matched our invitations since it was going to be cheaper to order everything together.

Here are the STD’s we decided on from The American Wedding

I thought they were to plain so I added an orange ribbon. I made sure the ribbon was stuck there by adding a glue dot in the back.

To add a tad of character to the envelops we added tcool stamps from the USPS.

To give it even a more personal touch I addressed all the envelops myself.

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