"It’s my birthday and I cry if I want too…"

Engagement Ring, Wedding

It’s my birthday today and I spent most of my day in the hospital with my dad. Which sounds worse than it really was. My parents came this weekend from out of town to visit me and right before they left my dad began to have chest pain. After doing some testing on his heart and spending the night at the hospital the doctors didn’t find anything wrong with him. Although it was not the best situation to be in I would have to say that overall it was great to spend some time with my both of my parents alone. My mom and I got to sit down and talk about wedding details which made me really happy. One of the things that was unfortunate was that we had to cancel our e-pics session because we had to rush to the hospital. One thing we did accomplish is that we meet with a potential dj tonight.

Nothing else left to say but this is a picture of my engagement ring with the beautiful flowers my FI bought me for my birthday. He is too cute sometimes he got me two dozen peach roses to match our wedding colors. : )

Has life thrown a wrench into your wedding planning like it did in ours?

One thought on “"It’s my birthday and I cry if I want too…"

  1. oh man, sorry about your dad! happy bday! you should totally dye your crinoline. it's so easy to do =) and really cheap. i bought mine off a ebay. look for one that's made out of nylon (not polyester) because that will dye better.

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