With sweets you can always say it better…

Sweets, Wedding

This 4th of July I would like to say:


How cute are these lollipops? Bakerella received an e-mail from a marine who wanted to do something magical for his girlfriend who is in boot camp and in celebration of 4th of July. The story is really cute and I suggest you check it out here.

This 4th of July I would like to thank all the members of the 1498th TC (HET) who are scheduled to come back on the 19th of this month. I can’t wait for my cousin to be home after a year of being on tour in Iraq.

Is there anyone who comes to mind this 4th of July?

6 thoughts on “With sweets you can always say it better…

  1. Hey thanks for letting me know when they are coming back btw did you know where are they going to be so i can go I am here in San Diego, i am expecting to see my boyfriend LOL "if we still on the relationship thanks I apreaciated if you keep me posted my email is gon.27@hotmail.com thanks

  2. ok thanks for your replying i am so excited ! becasue i really dont know if I still have a boyfriend sound so weird huh ! but he got mad at me so i will like to have as much information as i can, i been looking like crazy thru the net until i found you with this info soooo happy thanks oh well at least i know they are on the way here, or probably they are here in the states ! yay yay thanks ! nice evening!

  3. hi again…i just called my aunt and she said that they might actually get here on saturday instead of sunday. we still don't know what time though. good luck.

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