Lets cut the cake…

Garment District, Wedding

To add to the things I purchased at the Garment District recently is our knife set. This is pretty much how it went down.

My mom said, “Aren’t you going to buy a knife set?” I replied, “No I don’t think we need one.” My FMIL said, “I think you might need one to cut the cake.” I replied, “We aren’t having cake but we are having cheesecake. You ladies are right I should get one.” Meanwhile the cashier is waiting for me to pay for the flower girl baskets. I asked him, “How much are your knife sets?” He replied, “They start at $3…” I stopped him and said, “I’ll take it.” I figured since this wasn’t so important to me I would take the cheapest one they had.

Here is my $3 knife set:

You know you love it. Once again a bit of ribbon and a flower goes a long way.

Here is a closer glance at our knives. Not bad considering they are more expensive at the store and they are stainless steal. I don’t think it was necessary to have a fancy set engraved with our names.

What made me feel even better about my purchase was going to Michaels and seeing it for $24.99. Yes that’s right you the price underneath is for the same knives sets.

Are you using a knife set and are you having them engraved?

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One thought on “Lets cut the cake…

  1. Dang! Seriously? What a ripoff the Michael's one are! I thought about buying one but then thought would I ever really use that set, ever again? Then I realized that when the FI's brother got us a whole silverware set a while back that there's probably a set in there! And I go digging. And voila! Really nice simple set that has never been used before (bc really, what will I do with a cake set?)! Now that's sitting in their individual wrapper in another bag so I don't scratch them up before the wedding. =)

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