It’s a wedding…


It’s not my wedding yet but my cousins wedding. My cousin and his high school sweetheart are getting married today. The mass will take place at 9:00am and the reception will be from 4:00pm to 1:00 am. His wedding is going to be completely opposite of mine. We are having an intimate affair and they are throwing a huge party. I am completely stoked about it and can’t wait to share some photos with you after it’s all done. I just spoke with him and they are both extremely stressed out, which got me thinking if I will react in the same manner the night before our wedding.


However, lately I feel that I am getting less stressed out as the wedding approaches. The strange thing is that since I took those 2 weeks off after I told you that I was stressed out I feel so rejuvenated and embraced the idea that things will go wrong. I realize that I could only control certain aspects of the wedding. I can plan and organize as much as I want but the truth is things will go wrong and there is nothing I can do about them. Now that my attitude has changed I’m enjoying the planning even more than before. Life is great and my focus has now shifted towards creating a happy marriage rather than being consumed by the wedding details.

I text my cousin and reassured him that today I will be there to make sure things run smoothly. I think he just needed someone to tell him that they are going to be there for him if things arise that they were not expecting. I told him that I will be there throughout his wedding making sure things go right. He really appreciated that and thanked me. I hope he and his new bride have a lovely time and things work out.

How are you handling the stress or if you are already married what advice do you have for the rest of us? Is there anyone taking charge at our wedding to make sure things run smoothly?

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