I really love our colors…

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Whenever people ask me what my wedding colors are and I reply blue and orange they automatically think of either the Florida Gators or the Miami Dolphins.

I have nothing against both teams but it surprises me how people can’t picture those colors together.


Our orange is a tad lighter and brighter. Our blue is more like an aqua blue than anything else. I’ve previously shared with you some color Inspiration Boards to show you what I’m talking about.

Today I came across another inspiration board at Wedding Cabaret that features our colors. Isn’t it amazing?


Has it been hard for people to see your vision of color? What do you think of Orange and Blue as wedding colors?

6 thoughts on “I really love our colors…

  1. We're HUGE Gator fans so we'll be having an Orange and Blue wedding… I actually saw your flower girls cute little orange & blue dresses and had to check out the rest of your wedding :)SO CUTE!

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