The Man Catcher…(Cake 1)

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The name of this cake was funny to me but not so much to my hubby who said, “Why do you need to catch a man?”  To which I replied, “I don’t need to catch one I need to know how to keep one.” So I told him I would rename it if I could to the man keeper.

When I began reading through this recipe I realized that by taking the challenge on of baking all these recipes one every week I was going to find myself purchasing ingredients I had never used before.

Things new to me:
Lemon extract
Orange extract
Tube Pan

What I learned from this recipe:
How to cream/mix butter/ ingredients properly

I’m not kidding I realized that I was the type of person Melissa Gray jokes about that keeps opening the oven door thinking that is going to speed the baking process along. I also learned along with my patience that taking the time to cream the butter makes a lot of sense.  I think that if I owned a stand mixer my task would have been easier but since I’m the frugal type and I don’t have one of those fancy Kitchen Aid mixers I just used my hand held one.

Okay so I began to prepare for the big day when I was going to start baking I had to decide who my first victims (oops I meant to say tasters) were going to be. Since my hubby and I have game night with some of our friends on Wednesday nights I decided to take it along to share with them.

So after I baked my heart away what did the boys have to say…

…delicious. Well they really didn’t say anything but I didn’t have any leftovers to bring home so I’ll take that as delicious. My hubby did say that he loved how sweet and citricy (is that a word) it was.

So the verdict was that the Man Catcher-Sour Cream Pound Cake was a big hit!  I had never used sour cream in my baking experience or had ever made a pound cake but I did both and it was amazing.

You can find the recipe here

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