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I was reading a post on My Money Blog about grocery prices in different cities and it got me thinking about how couples nowadays handle this task. 
I have appointed myself the official grocery shopper of our household.  So yesterday I did my monthly grocery shopping and I was wondering how often others go shopping and if they have a strategy to it.  

Here is what we do:

The hubby and I subscribe to the L.A. Times, which we got an awesome deal on, so that we can get the coupons.  Every Sunday morning I sit in front of the t.v. cutting my coupons and organizing them into different categories.  When I first began clipping coupons I would always forget to take them to the grocery store with me so to fix this problem I bought a small folder that I keep in my car. I also upload coupons into my grocery store club card and make a list of things I need as they run out.  I usually have an idea of what I’m going to be making throughout the month but nothing is written down, maybe one day I’ll get to that level but not now.  Before leaving to the grocery store I usually spend about 15 minutes going through my coupons and separating the ones I’m going to use from the others (remember I’ve been collecting them for a month) and looking through my pantry to see what I need to add to my list.  One thing that I always do before I leave my house to the store is EAT because going to the grocery store in an empty stomach is such a bad idea.  Once I have my tools I head over to the store where I usually start from left to right and going only through the aisles I’m getting things from. I tend to stick to my grocery list because if I stray off I end up spending more money.  If I have a coupon for something I look at how much I save compared to what the store brand cost.  I don’t use a coupon just because I have it that just doesn’t save money.  I use coupons on items I was going to purchase anyways.  Grocery shopping has became like a game to me where I try to save more money every time I go and so far I’m winning.
Yesterday I saved $75 on my groceries and earned more points for our rewards card. I also used my credit card to pay and earned 1% cash back.  You have to love all those savings!  Who does the grocery shopping in your household?  Do you have any tips for me that might save me more money? 

3 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping…

  1. Sounds like you two have a great method. Way to save so much! We usually get our groceries at Trader Joe's. We used to shop at Ralphs and other grocery stores but have found that there's a significant price difference at Trader Joe's, so that's how we save money.

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