Rubber Ducky You’re the One…

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..making chocolate so much fun.  Okay so that might not be the right words but this past week they made my cupcakes absolutely adorable.  My cousin’s are both pregnant and our family decided to throw them a joint baby shower two weeks ago.

I love baking so I decided to bake something special for them.  I made vanilla cupcakes with baby blue butter cream icing.

The design I was going for did not come out right since I never took into account how hot and humid it was going to be that weekend.  Let me just say that my adorable duckies that were supposed to bring the design together became nothing but pool of chocolate and icing. Complete and utter failure but still delicious.

The duckies were easy to make and if I can make them in my first attempt you can too.  You will need to purchase a candy mold, candy melts, oil base food coloring for added color, and something to stir them with. Once you have your materials then you’re ready to begin.  Follow the directions on the mold.  Clean the mold. Dry it.  Melt the candy melts in the microwave (or in my case melt the chocolate in a double broiler).  Pour the melted chocolate into the molds and let it set in the refrigerator.  So those were basically the instructions that came with the mold.  What I learned along the way was that if you work with chocolate you need to have a candy thermometer handy.  It turns out that chocolate is sensitive and one needs to learn how to temper it correctly.  Since I used Ghirardelli chocolate for my duckies I found it useful to read what they had to say about melting it correctly.  Let me just tell you that I found it easier to work with white chocolate rather than milk chocolate.  To get the different colors on the duckies I mixed the colors in a separate bowl and added them first to the mold then on top of those colors I added the color yellow.  I used a long pick but you can use special brushes they have at the craft store for this specific task.  It was so easy to make especially if you have a microwave where you can melt the candy and then just pour.  I hope you guys have fun making your own designs.

I really enjoyed making these and I can’t wait to try other molds.  Next time I’ll make sure to check the weather report before hand.

Have you guys ever worked with chocolate before or attempted anything with candy molds? 

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