Life: Baby Fever (Revisited)


If you remember this post you know that the hubby and I are content with not having any kids right now.  In March I had three cousins who were pregnant and now two of them gave birth and they are extremely happy.  I talked about their baby showers here.  Tomorrow is my cousin wife’s baby shower and for some reason I’m overwhelmed with baby fever.  The closer the due date gets here the more excited the whole family gets.  My cousins wife will be having a little girl and the excitement is certainly in the air but so is the pressure to have our own children.

Every time I’m at a family reunion they look at my cousin’s wife and then look at me and ask the dreaded question, “When are you guys having kid?”  I used to give every excuse in the book but no answer satisfied their question.  Nowadays, I simply reply after we purchase a house.  You would be surprised at the reaction I get from people when I utter those words.  What they don’t know is that housing is extremely high where we live and we are a few years away from taking that plunge.  This my friends has saved me many arguments with my in-laws and the rest of the family.  I mean who’s going to argue with you when you say that you want to have a house where a child could run around and play free.  Think back to Miranda and Steve from Sex and the City or Monica and Chandler from Friends both couples wanted to move out of the busy city into the suburbs to raise their families.

Going back to the whole baby fever things.  Not wanting children right now doesn’t mean that I’m not interesting at looking at baby stuff.  I mean who doesn’t love to look at rubber duckies, little pink dresses, princess everything, and so on.  It fascinates me how much stuff a baby actually needs. Seriously can someone please tell me why a little 10 pound child needs so many accessories?  I’m rambling on about the whole baby situation because I’m bombarded with it every time someone remembers that I’m married.  For the time being I hope this baby keeps me out of the lime light for awhile until we actually decide to have our own children. 
Anyone else feeling the pressure from your family to procreate? Anyone else simply enjoying their marriage without children?

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