D23: I must confess I’m a total Disney geek…

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…well let me rephrase, as my mom would discribes it I have a love affair with “the” Mouse.   I’m not exactly sure when I began to love Disney so much but somewhere along the line it happened.  I bet what you’re thinking now this girl must be one of those annual pass holders that goes into the park and spends all her day pin trading or an all around Disney freak but I’m far from that.

What I am is a Disney fan who used to be a cast member that devoted almost 10 years of her life to the Mouse (I quit to focus on my education).  I visit Disneyland about twice a year, I’ve been to Disney World once in 2006, and I’m planning on visiting Disneyland Paris next month since I’ll be in Europe.  My apartment is not decorated with Disney stuff and the only clothing I have that has a Disney logo on it are my old Disney VoluntEARS t-shirts.  As a matter of fact unless I tell people directly about my love for the Mouse they don’t have a clue.  Maybe later on I’ll share with you some of the magic that I got to create when I worked there.  Yes, you heard me right MAGIC!

So, why exactly am I telling you this?  I’m doing it because I want to be more transparent and because I wanted to share with you some photos of our visit to the D23 expo.

The hubby surprised me back in April with tickets to the event and you bet I was extremely excited.  We only got tickets for one day and after being there all day I realized why people get the weekend ones.  It really was so much fun even for non Disney fans.  There was a lot of painting, exhibits, and things to do.

Isn’t Tow Mater adorable? He’s so darn cute I couldn’t help but take a picture of him.

This was very creative.  I wonder if he’s going to be walking around with Jack on Halloween. 
How cool would it be to go on a Cruise on board the new Disney Fantasy?  I’m hoping to convince the hubby to take me on one sometime soon. 
They had a section of the expo dedicated to Disney parties and cakes.  The cakes they had came from their officially licensed partner Cakes.com.  
Isn’t this Mickey and Minnie cake adorable?
I love this Woody and Buzz cake. 
If you would like to see more of my photos from the D23 expo please visit me at Flickr!
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