Life: Let the season of giving begin

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If you didn’t know by now my favorite holiday is Christmas, a time of the year when people open up their hearts become selfless and make dreams come true.  What can I say sometimes Santa needs a little help. Anyways, as I was sitting watching my local news I found out about the LAUSD Homeless Education’s sponsor a family program.  According to their website, “There are currently over 16,000 identified homeless students in the Los Angeles Unified School District — up 3,000 from last year.” They need individuals and families to open up their hearts and sponsor a family.  The cost incurred by the sponsor ranges from approximately $130 to $280 depending on the size of the family that one decides to sponsor.  If the cost is too much for you to handle then you might want to get your friends and family involved.  If you’re interested in starting out this holiday season in the right foot please register here.  The hubby and I choose an organization each year to sponsor and this year we have decided on this cause.  As the season progresses I will share with you more worthwhile causes.

If you do not live near Los Angeles then you might want to contact your local school district and find out if there are similar programs in your area.

Please note I’m not affiliated with this organization or with anyone that works there. 

I requested a family yesterday and I’ll keep you posted on how long it actually takes and what it entails. I’m so excited to go shopping for them.

I finally received my packet with the information on the family and the directions. We’re sponsoring a single mom and her 5 year old daughter. I so excited and I can’t wait to go shopping.

I delivered the goods on December 5th and I really hope our little family has a fantastic Christmas.  Merry Christmas to everyone please don’t forget what the true meaning of this holiday season is.

We received a thank you card from the mom and it brought tears to our eyes. I can’t wait to get involved this year again.

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