Life: Honeymoon Day 8

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Our last day in Paris we decided to visit the top of the Eiffel Tower but in order to accomplish that we needed to wake up bright and early.  Please note that you can schedule a reservation to go to the top but we decided not to since our hotel was about 10 minutes away from it.

We got to the Eiffel Tower about half an hour before it opened and waited in a line along with other’s that were there before us.

We purchased tickets to go to the very top since it was our first time there.  Oh, by the way have I ever told you guys that I’m afraid of heights?  When we got to the very top my knees began to shake uncontrollably.  I was so afraid to go to the ledge and see the stunning views but I did it anyway.  Since my knees were shaking I couldn’t hold my camera still so I had the hubby take a few shots for me.  All the cars underneath looked like micro machines and the people like little ants. 
The views at the top are pretty cool but I think that the ones on the second floor are more impressive.  I believe that everyone should go to the very top at least ones in their lifetime but if you only have time or money to do one you should at least go to the second floor.  Can you tell how much happier I am on the second floor?
Once we were finished seeing the incredible views we walked around looking for souvenirs at the shops they have up there.  I had a yummy muffin on top of the Eiffel Tower.
Take a look at the line below that can be avoided by either getting their early or by having an reservation.
From this point the hubby decided to walk down the stairs and I took the lift since my knees were still shaking from being so high up.  We headed back to the hotel for a bit before heading back out to do some last minute sightseeing.  
Have I told you guys how much I loved the hotel we stayed at?  
We headed out to see Notre Dame de Paris and other things we hadn’t yet seen. 
With our museum pass we were able to go up to the roof of the Cathedral. 
From there we went right next door to the Crypte Archeologique where we used our museum pass to get in. 
Since we were close by we decided to walk a tad further to see Sainte Chapelle at the Courtyard of the Royal Palace.  We were able to use our museum pass once more.  
I went to the restroom in the Royal Palace and somehow I ended up getting lost for an hour.  The hubby was really worried about me and for the first time during our trip we both were home sick.  My french isn’t really good and trying to communicate with people became very frustrating.  When I finally found my way back to Sainte Chapelle we decided to head towards the Latin Quarter to get something to eat.  
By this point we became home sick and when we saw a classic 50’s dinner we went right in and had ourselves a burger.
For dessert we had this amazing gelato. I still have dreams about this deliciousness! The best part about it was that the cashier was extremely nice and sweet and it was the perfect way of ending our lovely night in Paris.
…To be continued…

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