{Date Night Fridays} Go Kart World

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The hubby and I have never really stuck to the conventional movie and a dinner type of dates. We like to have fun and we are kids at heart so going on a date to Go Kart World just made sense.


This place has a lot of kids during the day but at night you see a lot more young adults and couples. It might not seem very romantic to go to a go kart place but trust me if you can laugh together and act silly it really puts you in a great mood. We have enjoyed this place with my little cousins and on our own. It seriously is a fun place to spend the evening at. It can be a tad pricey if you want to ride the tracks a lot but you can have fun doing a few spins yourself and people watch the rest of the time. I had a blast getting to know the hubby here and can’t wait to bring our kids here one day. I hope you guys give this place a try and have as much fun as we have. Here is the Yelp review.

21830 Recreation Rd
Carson, CA 90745
(310) 834-3800

Note: This is not the only go kart place in Southern California if you live closer to Gardena you might want to check out K1 Speed.

Do you know of any other cool place to go act like a kid?

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