Life: Things just got a tad more interesting around here

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I know I’ve been MIA for a while know but I seriously have a good excuse this time. I’m finally ready to share it with the world so here goes nothing….

This year Mother’s Day started off like any other one well at least that’s what I thought.  For a couple of days I wasn’t feeling myself and I finally decided to bite the bullet and buy a pregnancy test.  After getting off work I headed out to CVS where I bought a Clearblue Easy Digital Pregnancy test which by the way I got on sale.  At home the hubby was sitting on the couch as I was in the restroom taking a pregnancy test.  As soon as I saw that it said PREGNANT I wanted to scream but decided not to say a word until I was really sure.  I headed out to a Mother’s Day party my family was having but not before making a quick stop to get another pregnancy test. This time I took two tests and as I impatiently waited for the lines to appear a lot of baby thoughts rushed my mind.  I arrived at the party having taken 3 test that all said I was pregnant and not being able to tell a soul until I was absolutely sure. That night I couldn’t believe that I was pregnant and I was in complete shock.

The next morning when my parents, who were visiting from out of town, and my hubby, were asleep I got up to take 3 more pregnancy tests.  I read somewhere that first morning urine is best to get a more accurate pregnancy test.  Yes, folks that’s a total of 6 tests I took.  I know that it might seem like a lot but I really wanted to make sure before I told the hubby.  By this point I realized I was definitely pregnant and decided to make a doctor appointment to confirm if it was really true.  At the doctors office I took a urine test that came out negative but doctor said those test are sometimes wrong.  After I confessed to my doctor how many I had taken at home she ordered a Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) blood test to be done.  My HCG test came out positive with a count of 43.3.  Now that I was really sure I was pregnant it was time to tell the hubby.

I really wanted to tell the hubby about the pregnancy in a special way but at the end I decided to keep it simple. After we had dinner and we spent some time talking about his day at work I asked him to help me with something on the desktop computer.  As he walked into the office and was about to sit down he noticed a gift bag on his chair.  I told him the gift was for him and as he read the card he was dumbfounded.  Earlier in the day I went to Target and was lucky enough to find a Father’s Day card that I signed love the little peanut and I.  Along with the card I put some bibs and one of the pregnancy test in the gift bag.  After he was done jumping around with excitement I showed him the prenatal pills, the note from the doctor’s office, and the rest of the tests.  We are both extremely delighted and can’t wait to welcome our new addition to our little family. Holy Smokes people I’m really pregnant!

Please keep in mind that this blog will now be full of baby stuff galore especially since I’m feeling a lot better nowadays. 

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