We had a baby shower

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My parent’s threw a baby shower for us this past weekend in my hometown.  The party was held at local Pizza Hut because my parent’s house is a tad small and doing it outside was not an option due to the weather.  I thought it was going to be awkward to have a baby shower at Pizza Hut but after people started showing up and we started playing games we forgot where we were at.

I made a few sweets to go along with the cake.  My mom made jello and my dad bought us a tres leches cake.  The manager said we could bring in as many desserts we wanted into the restaurant.

The hubby, my little cousin, and I set up the tables. We put some dishes with Jordan almonds on the tables along with baby bottles with nerds in them.  By the way we bought all the decorations at the  99¢ Only Store which goes to show that you can decorate on a budget.

We had a ton of pizza and pasta! Yum! I’ve been on a pizza craze so I loved the menu.

We played several traditional baby shower games including the guessing baby food one. I loved people’s expressions as they were trying to figure out which Gerber we used.

My mom was trying to figure out what kind of food was smeared on the diapers. 

My mom’s friend was smelling the diaper to see if she could figure it out.  Let’s just say that I made it very difficult for our guests to guess which type of food we used.

We also played another game that involved cotton balls and trying to get them into a dish. I’ve never really quite understood this game but I always have a blast when we play it.  Notice me in the back laughing my butt off.

Another classic game we usually play when we have a baby shower and we couldn’t leave out was the clothespins one. The object of this game is to try and see how many clothespins you can fit in your hand before dropping them.  FYI… Just because someone might have bigger hands it doesn’t guarantee them to win.

We also played a couple more games that we didn’t take photos of. Everyone who won a game got an awesome gift picked out by yours truly.  Once we were done playing games we opened our presents and then we ate cake.  Here’s a photo of my cousin’s and I.

Our little buttercup got a ton of things. We are truly blessed for having such amazing people in our lives. We had an amazing time at the party and are truly thankful for those that made it out there. My parents are really excited about becoming grandparents and can’t wait for our little buttercup to get here.

Note: The hubby isn’t in any of the photos because he was kind enough to take them. 

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