Life: How I dealt with nausea during pregnancy

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When people ask me if I’m ready to have another baby I remind them how hard my pregnancy was. I had hyperemesis gravidarum also known as extreme morning sickness throughout my pregnancy. My friends and family didn’t understand what it was until they kept hearing on the news that Princess Kate Middleton had it.

Here are the things I did to control my “morning sickness”:

  • Crackers in the morning (and pretty much all day long) when I got tired of crackers I switched to pretzels.
  • Ginger everything including gum, fresh, candy, tea, soda, mints, and crystalized ginger. 
  • I wore a Sea-band everyday but I wish I had known about Psi bands
  • Preggie pops and other hard candy were always close by.

At around 10 weeks my doctor gave me a prescription for Zofran.  I hesitated taking any medication until I couldn’t handle it anymore.  Zofran was not a miracle pill for me but it did control most of my vomiting. The only way to describe to people what I was going through was by telling them that I felt like I was on a moving boat all the time. The only time that I actually got some rest from my nausea was when I went swimming. I also read a lot of articles suggesting things like getting out of bed slowly, eating bland foods, and keeping hydrated. I tried a cocktail of things and I somehow got through it. The nausea never really went away but the vomiting slowed down a few weeks before my little buttercup was born.

I hope everyone out there has a better pregnancy than I did or at least I hope your nausea is not as bad.

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