Hopeful 2015

Family, Life

Sweetsandlife: Sun and Clouds

Like I previously mentioned HERE 2014 was not very good to us. Besides our little setbacks one of our close friend’s was diagnosed with cancer, my best friend’s boy friend was killed, and countless other things happened along the way. Needless to say our close group of friends has begun the year full of hope. The first good thing that happened this year has been the birth of baby William. Secondly, the Hubby got a mini promotion and he continues to work for the company he loves. Thirdly, we began our house hunting journey. My friend who has cancer has only a couple of chemotherapy sessions left and we are hopeful he will kick butt. My other friend’s heart is slowly healing and she’s now dating a very nice guy.

Here’s to accomplishing more things this year that scare us and for finding happiness in the little things that matter. So far 2015 has been kinder to us than the previous year. I’m hoping your year is as good or better than the last.

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