Life: On Growing Up (Pt. 1)

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When I was a little girl I wanted to be an attorney when I grew up.  I wanted this more than anything else and against all the odds I was almost close to realizing my childhood dream.  I was always proud to tell people that I knew exactly what I wanted to be unlike my peers who didn’t.  I mean seriously what 6 year old knows what they want to be when they are older.  I did such a great job convincing people that I was going to be an attorney that I lost track of the things that really made me happy and why I wanted to be one in the first place.    

Things began to change last year when I realized that life as I knew it is not as easy as I thought it was when I was a child.  Law school is not only expensive but it also requires a lot of commitment.  If I was going to attend law school I would have had to put the wedding aside and everything else for that matter to concentrate on the LSAT.  Before I made a decision I read this book, this book, this book, and many more which I suggest if anyone is considering being an attorney should. Since at this point in my life I’m not ready to make that financial commitment and I’m not willing to give up 3 years of my life I have decided to set aside this childhood dream in the attempt to pursue bigger and better endeavors.     

The problem I find myself in now is not knowing where to go from here.  I read the books, I did my homework, I worked my butt off, and now that it’s all said and done where do I go from here.  How do I begin the transition process?  I feel now how the other 6 year olds felt so long ago.  I did such a great job convincing everyone who I wanted to be that somewhere along the way I lost myself.  The hard part for me is not finding a job but trying to pin point exactly where my passion lies.  If you haven’t noticed I love to bake and take photos but who doesn’t, right?  Along the years I have become more realistic about my capabilities and I realize that there are countless of people out there that are better qualified bloggers, bakers, and photographers than me.  I know what you’re thinking right about now, this girl is depressing me with this post but stick with me I have a point to make. 

When I got married I never realized that I was going to have such a supportive and loving husband that would encourage all the crazy shenanigans I do.  I have an opportunity now that many would dream about including myself a few years back.  I am able to be anyone I choose to be.  Isn’t that crazy?  Throughout the years nobody except my hubby ever told me, “You don’t have to be a lawyer if you don’t want to, you can be a _______ instead.” When he uttered those words it was like a heavy load had lifted.  Many had said to me that I couldn’t do it but nobody every mentioned that there was nothing wrong with changing my mind. What a concept? 

Here’s an interesting article on the subject matter.   

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