A Pelican Hill Wedding

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On my previous post I shared with my friend’s candy buffet well now I would like share with you some photos I took of her special day.

Isn’t the ocean beautiful from here?  The Pelican Hill has an amazing view especially on a clear day. 

My friend’s wedding was outside and was fortunate that it was a lovely southern California day.  
I’m obsessed with clean bathrooms that I couldn’t resist taking a photo especially since nobody was there.
I got to hold the bouquet for a tad while my friend used the restroom and I couldn’t resist taking a snap of these beautiful calla lilies especially because purple is my favorite color. 
Simple but lovely.
The maid of honor and my friend’s oldest daughter as her she sees her mom walk down the aisle. 
The beautiful bride and groom.
I just had to take a photo of her train.
She looked like a goddess. 
The centerpieces were just as lovely as everything else and I still can’t believe that I didn’t win one. 
The gold table setting matched the rest of the golden color scheme.
The only dancing at the wedding was done by these Khmer dancers as a way to honor the bride and groom.
If you’ve read through my blog before you must know my obsession with popcorn and I thought it was lovely that they served it on the appetizer. 
The amazing and delicious cake that they served at the wedding. Behind the cake was the candy buffet that I swear really was there but you can’t see it from this photo.  
Overall the wedding was a different experience for my hubby and I since we are used to loud parties that don’t end early.  I would describe the wedding as beautiful, enlightening, and lovely.  The couple did not accept gifts but instead opted to accept donations for an organization they run that provides rice to the Cambodian population.  During dinner they presented videos of the couple doing humanitarian work in Cambodia and it was refreshing to see how these two individuals in such a short time of knowing each other found harmony in helping others.  To me my friends that is something that you can’t put a price on.  I wish the lovely couple a long and happy marriage and hope that they continue to do good in this world.  
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Love is Sweet: Part 2

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In my previous post I showed you our candy buffet and told you that I was fortunate enough do have done my friends candy buffet too.  Now I would like to show you photos from my friend’s wedding.

I purchased a “photo box” at Marshall’s and added some ribbon around it pretty it up.  I bought all the gold and purple ribbon at the Fabric Barn.  If you haven’t had the chance to visit down town Los Angeles’s Fashion District and live near Long Beach you should really check out this place.

I bought the bags at Paper Mart and decorated them with purple card stock from Michael’s.  Since my friend wanted me to keep everything simple I stamped a thank you on them and added some ribbon. I think they turned out very good.

I bought some of the candy from Powell’s Sweet ShoppeBig Lots, Target, and from Costco.  I did the name tags with ivory and purple card stock and wrote the names myself.

I left a gap between the candy because they were also going to have a “kid” cake.  I purchased all the jars at the Flea Mart or Swapmeet and cleaned them up myself.  If you choose this route don’t be afraid to haggle with the people.  

I bought everything for $350 and it served about 100 people.  My friend only wanted the candy buffet for the children but unfortunately the adults at the wedding didn’t get the message. The candy was not enough for the 170 guest she had and since she originally told me it was for 70 people I only gave myself a small cushion.

My hubby snatched this photo to show me how successful the candy buffet was.  Next time I’ll make sure to ask how many guest are actually invited to the wedding.