Veil + Flower = Just Me

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Like I previously mentioned I love flowers and it has gone to the degree that I am considering wearing one in my hair along with a veil. When I originally went to try out my dress I tried it on with a cathedral length veil and it was absolutely amazing that was until I looked at how much it cost. It seems to me that veils shouldn’t cost you half of what your wedding dress budget is. My mom and I considered making our own since she is savvy with the sewing machine but since she lives so far away it doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. I thought that a good compromise would be to purchase an inexpensive veil and accessorize my hair with a flower.

I purchased a veil at JoAnn for about $7 which was 50% the original price since the store was closing. I know that it seems like something that might have been pulled out from the ’80s but in that case so was I. I couldn’t pass up such a great offer when I can envision grandeur things to come with it.

These are an example of the types of flowers I plan on DYIng. Once I actually do it I plan on posting how I did it and how it turned out.

This is what I am shooting for. It seems simply and hopefully it looks just as great on me. I toiled with the idea of wearing a tiara but I think this style seems more like me. I like to wear my bling on my finger not in my hair.

{Casando Ideias}

So what do you think of the overall look? Are you wearing a veil?

7 thoughts on “Veil + Flower = Just Me

  1. Funny you say that! I was sort against the veil idea, I just think sometimes they can look silly. But when I was trying on my dress the lady came over and stuck a veil in the bottom of my hair and a flowery/feathery thing in the side of my head. I laughed at first but it actually looked really cool! I think when it comes time for me to get one, I'll get one that's a little less "dead bird" and more flowery. It's a super cute look!

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