Is that a clown? Oh, no that’s just the bride.

Make-up, Wedding
The thought of globes of make up on my face makes my FI cringe.


Seriously though since I usually don’t wear any make up he actually voiced his opinion about the subject matter. He simply asked if I could keep it simple and natural. Since I was already planning on doing it I agreed. I thought it was really cute that he has thought about it enough to ask me. Although I do enjoy the idea of getting dolled up and paying someone (for the first time in my life) to do my make up I don’t want to feel uncomfortable on my wedding date. I would hate to feel like I need to go wipe my face or something since I’m actually going to be splurging on this. My inner budget savvy self is attempting to fight off the urge to get it done professionally but I am doing it because I want great pictures.

This is the type of look I’m going for:


These are the inspirational pictures of what I would like to have done. I hope that the amount of make up is just right and not to clumpy otherwise I might just take it off. ; )

I still haven’t actually scheduled my appointment for my hair and make up (see I’m still attempting to fight the urge) but at least I know where I’m getting it done. I love that the salon is about a block away from our apartment. Once I schedule my appointment and get my trial done I will post up some pictures to see if it’s anything like I just mentioned.

Are you getting your make up done or DIYing?

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