Cheering my way to decorations…!!

Church decorations, Wedding
Who knew that pom poms weren’t just for cheerleaders but can be used to enhance the decor of a wedding? Well Martha did. ; )

I am completely in love with these pom poms and I can’t wait to DIY some for my wedding.


The instructions seem easy and this project overall shouldn’t cost a lot since I plan on going to some sort of dollar store to gather my supplies.


I think it would be a lot cheaper for me to DIY these and use them in the church instead of having real flowers. This seems like a really fun project that I can’t wait to do. I’ll update you on my progress in the next couple of weeks. I wonder what my mom and the rest of the family is going to think about this idea. I hope they like it because I love it.

Doesn’t this look super cute and I’m glad I could just do them and put them away until our wedding date. The best part is that you can customize it to whatever colors you want as long as you find the tissue color. I plan on inviting my girls to come and help me out with this little project.

What are you using to decorate your ceremony?

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