"Honey, Oh Sugar, Sugar. You are my candy girl…"

Candy Buffet, Wedding

Question: So why sweet tooth?
Answer: I LOVE sweets!

I love them so much that we will be having an ever trendy candy buffet at our reception. I decided to jump on the bandwagon since it fits us (well, more like me) perfectly. I’m not the only one in my family that has a sweet tooth everyone on my mom’s side of the family is the same way. She says we get this trait from my grandfather. I don’t think my FI really knew to what extent we all loved sweets until I took him on vacation this past winter to my mom’s hometown in Chihuahua, Mexico. He soon discovered that as we went to different family members homes the first thing they would offer us was a bowl of candy. After this revelation it wasn’t difficult convincing him to go along with the idea. This made me really happy and to finally seal the deal I had to show him images of what others have done.



We like the idea of using our wedding colors for the overall theme with lots of “retro” candy as well. I plan on doing all the calligraphy to showcase the types of candy we will have. As soon as we purchase the containers and have an idea of where we are obtaining our candy I will post the pictures. I’ve already called our venue and asked if we can set this up. They said that as long as we take all the supplies a couple of days before with a detailed drawing of the layout we want they will take care of it for us. Yay!!

Are you having a candy buffet?

4 thoughts on “"Honey, Oh Sugar, Sugar. You are my candy girl…"

  1. I'm having a candy buffet and I'm making sure that someone makes us a bag to take on our honeymoon with us! I love sweets and everyone knows it so it seemed like the perfect favor for us.

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