But teacher I have a wedding to finish planning…

DIY, Recycle, Ring Pillow, Wedding

I wish I could just tell my professors that I can’t take my finals because I have to continue the planning but since I can’t today will be a fun filled day. I will be at school all day doing a final, reviewing, and studying. Life doesn’t hold still when you’re planning a wedding and since I have other obligations you won’t hear as much from me in the next few days. Once the madness is over I can move on to all the DIY projects I’ve been telling you about. Before I go away for a the next few days I will leave you with what I like to call my ring pillow. One of my bridesmaids was kind enough to give it to me since she didn’t have a need for it in hers. I appreciate and welcome all items I can “recycle” into my wedding. I tweaked the pillow a tad and made it more personal. I’m trying to decide if this is what I want of if I should change it but as of right now this is our ring pillow.



I hope to see everyone in a few days until then have a lovely week and wish me luck on my finals.

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