"The camera can photograph thought."

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One of the first things we did this year was book our photographer, Mike Stonis. He is part of Studio 7 Photography alongside with Miah Klein. They do such an amazing job that I wanted to share with you guys some of their work. You need to check them out because this duo has such an eye for capturing emotion.

We seriously looked at over 100 photographers websites and meet with a few of them. Our obsession with photographers led us to discover Mike and Miah. Mike had such an amazing energy to him that we left elated after our meeting with him. We are completely excited and can’t wait to reschedule our e-pics for next month.

So, did you pick the first photographer you found or did you become obsessed like we did?

3 thoughts on “"The camera can photograph thought."

  1. I spoke to 3 different photographers and picked the last of the 3 because not only was she affordable for us but she didn't put a limit to the number of pictures she would take…

  2. Looks like you picked a fabulous photographer! I *was* obsessed with the photog who did my bff's wedding… but they were more than double our budget and never returned my inquiry, so I guess it wasn't meant to be! *lol*

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