I love color but how much is too much…

Dyed Crinoline, Wedding

A while back I heard of this colorful trend dyed crinoline. After doing a search online I found that the Wedding Cabaret can do it for you for only $25. How cool is that you don’t have to deal with the mess of having to clean up the dye.

Another alternative for the more adventurous ones is to dye them yourself Mrs. Avocado from the Wedding Bee gives a great tutorial on her blog about how to do it. Another site that tells you how to diy it is here.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to partake in this latest trend since my slip is 100% polyester. I wish i would have read the label before I purchased it at Alfred Angelo Bridal.

Aww sadness now I won’t be able to have photos like this one.

Or this one.


I guess the only burst of color that I’ll be wearing is going to have to be on my shoes. Are you dying your crinoline? How are you going to add color on your wedding day?
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2 thoughts on “I love color but how much is too much…

  1. I was thinking about dying my crinoline but I am not sure how it would work because the crinoline I got from DB has a plastic top layer which may not take dye very well…Adding color any which way is awesome though!

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