I’m back from the Salon!!

Hair, Make-up, Wedding

When looking for a salon I was mostly looking for convenience and for great reviews. I decided to go with Atlantic Studio not only is it close enough to my house that I can walk there but my stylist is amazing.

I walked in with my supplies on hand and with an open mind. I took a collage of photos which could be used as inspiration. Since I’m not the “Bridezilla” type I wanted the stylist to have some input on what would work best with my hair, face and skin type.

I wish I would have taken a before picture of my hair but I didn’t. Here is a photo of me without make-up.

Here is the after shoot with make-up and hair done.

This is a side view of my hair with a flower.

Here is the back of my hair.

Here are a few more pictures of me at home with my make-up and hair done.

You gotta love the lashes.

I’m still debating wearing my glasses on my wedding day so here is a picture of me wearing them.

At first a was a tad skeptical about having that trial done since I didn’t want pay for it but now that I’ve done it I would recommend it to anyone. I discovered that my HBOo does not like so much eye liner on me. I also realized that I want more loose curls and due to that I will be layering my hair next week. Overall this experience was amazing and I wouldn’t change anything except like I previously mentioned planning a romantic date.

Did you have a hair or make-up trial? What do you think with glasses or without? Less make-up or more?

4 thoughts on “I’m back from the Salon!!

  1. Aw, you look beautiful! I absolutely love the last picture… You look like a naughty secretary :)!I have not had my trial yet… 2 more weeks.I like the amount of makeup on you (it has to last and it doesn't look cakey on you either) and without the glasses.

  2. The stylist really did a good job. You looked really fabulous. Your hair and eye lashes are fantastic. The make-up brought out your best features by enhancing them. Really great. Good thing you did a trial session before your big day. Btw, without glasses for me, I think you'll be fine.;) Congratulations!

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