It’s All in the Name of the Wedding!!!

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I have been growing out my hair since I got engaged two years ago and today I chopped most of it off. I wasn’t planning to cut my hair until after the wedding because I was going to donate it to Locks of Love. I have been growing it out and donating it every two years for the past 10 years but after doing my hair trial two weeks ago the stylist and I decided that I needed an over due cut. I feel a tad selfish because I love donating it but I decided that I can always grow it out and do it again.

Of course I have to do a shot with the glasses:

Here is one without:

For the first time in my adult life I have bangs. I love it and the stylist said I will have more curls to work with on my wedding day.

Have you done something different to your hair to help your bridal hair? What do you think of my new style?

I’m back from the Salon!!

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When looking for a salon I was mostly looking for convenience and for great reviews. I decided to go with Atlantic Studio not only is it close enough to my house that I can walk there but my stylist is amazing.

I walked in with my supplies on hand and with an open mind. I took a collage of photos which could be used as inspiration. Since I’m not the “Bridezilla” type I wanted the stylist to have some input on what would work best with my hair, face and skin type.

I wish I would have taken a before picture of my hair but I didn’t. Here is a photo of me without make-up.

Here is the after shoot with make-up and hair done.

This is a side view of my hair with a flower.

Here is the back of my hair.

Here are a few more pictures of me at home with my make-up and hair done.

You gotta love the lashes.

I’m still debating wearing my glasses on my wedding day so here is a picture of me wearing them.

At first a was a tad skeptical about having that trial done since I didn’t want pay for it but now that I’ve done it I would recommend it to anyone. I discovered that my HBOo does not like so much eye liner on me. I also realized that I want more loose curls and due to that I will be layering my hair next week. Overall this experience was amazing and I wouldn’t change anything except like I previously mentioned planning a romantic date.

Did you have a hair or make-up trial? What do you think with glasses or without? Less make-up or more?

My hair is going on trial tomorrow!!

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Tomorrow I have my hair and make-up trial and I’m utterly excited. I’ve spoken about how I would like my make-up done here but I’ve yet to say anything about my hair.

Here are a few things you should know about my hair:

I’ve never dyed it.
It’s wavy.
It’s back length.
It’s black.
I’m donating it to Locks of Love after the wedding.

Now that you know more about my hair I will show you the looks that I’m interested in.

Look 1.
I love this look because of the loose curls that seem to have taken no effort to create. I also love the small bangs on the side of her face.


Look 2.
This look is slightly similar but doesn’t have the small bump like the top one. I still like the bangs in the front and the loose curls.


Look 3.
I’m also considering having an updo. As you can tell I love loose curls and this updo is perfect for my hair accessories that I’ve written about here.


Look 4.
Here is another updo that is higher than the previous one and still has the loose curls.


I’ve read that somethings that you should bring to your hair trial are:

Inspirational photos.
A photo of your dress.
Hair accessories.
A camera to capture the look.

Wish me luck! I’ll update you on what happens tomorrow with my trial.

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