My hair is going on trial tomorrow!!

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Tomorrow I have my hair and make-up trial and I’m utterly excited. I’ve spoken about how I would like my make-up done here but I’ve yet to say anything about my hair.

Here are a few things you should know about my hair:

I’ve never dyed it.
It’s wavy.
It’s back length.
It’s black.
I’m donating it to Locks of Love after the wedding.

Now that you know more about my hair I will show you the looks that I’m interested in.

Look 1.
I love this look because of the loose curls that seem to have taken no effort to create. I also love the small bangs on the side of her face.


Look 2.
This look is slightly similar but doesn’t have the small bump like the top one. I still like the bangs in the front and the loose curls.


Look 3.
I’m also considering having an updo. As you can tell I love loose curls and this updo is perfect for my hair accessories that I’ve written about here.


Look 4.
Here is another updo that is higher than the previous one and still has the loose curls.


I’ve read that somethings that you should bring to your hair trial are:

Inspirational photos.
A photo of your dress.
Hair accessories.
A camera to capture the look.

Wish me luck! I’ll update you on what happens tomorrow with my trial.

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