Take Out + Candy = Our Boxes

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When you think of favors or recuerdos in a Mexican wedding you think of something plastic with lace. My mom and aunt kept asking me what type of favors I was going to have and since I don’t want to ruin the surprise of the candy buffet I insisted on simply stating candy. I don’t have anything against recuerdos but I rather have something that my guest can eat instead of just throw away.

Here is an example of a recuerdo:

Like I’ve previously mentioned here we are having a candy buffet. When trying to figure out where our guest were going to put the candy in I began to look around at different ideas.

One option was bags:


Another one was jars:

And the last one was take out boxes:


The one I completely fell in love with was the third option. I found that Paper Mart has the cheapest take out boxes. I ended up spending less than $20 for 100 boxes including s&h. If you live near L.A. you can pick them up from there warehouse and can save on the shipping.


Here is how our boxes arrived:

Here is where we thank our guest for sharing with us:

Here is our names and wedding date:

Here they are all together:

Many hours and miles of ribbon later we finally finished our boxes for our candy buffet. I am really happy on how they turned out especially since my HBoO and I burned ourselves on the glue gun on more than one occasion.

Total cost of this project approximately was about $25 for 100 boxes all completed.

What do you think of our boxes? What kind of favors are you going to have at your reception?

4 thoughts on “Take Out + Candy = Our Boxes

  1. Those are SO cute! You're doing such a fab job incorporating your colours.We're doing a candy buffet favor as well and recently picked up white bags… now to figure out how to tag them!

  2. You did such a great job! I'm doing a candy buffet too and getting my pint size chinese take out boxes for $10 at Smart n Final(50 packs are $5). Now I just need to figure out how to decorate them.

  3. Hi,Elena. This is truly amazing, you have created with post with huge creativity. The pics selection is amazing. Well done Keep this good work.

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