Murphy’s Law…


This past weekend I went to my cousin’s wedding which spoke about here. I will begin by saying that everything that could have gone wrong did. I will do my best to recap what happened at the wedding last Saturday.

My family and I both arrived at the church at 8:30am along with 2 of the bridesmaids. The groom arrived at 8:45am along with his brothers and his parents. We took pictures outside until we were asked to enter the church.

The church official asked us to go into the church at 8:55am. At 9:00am a limo pulled up and the wedding party began to enter. Five of the groomsmen were there ready to go and only four bridesmaids were present.

The doors closed and the anticipation of seeing the bride began to overtake the church. Everyone had their cameras ready and then the doors closed and never opened (well at least not for a while). The priest waited about 5 minutes and stated that since he had another mass shortly after the one we were attending he had to continue with or without the bride. 20 minutes past by before we heard anything from the bride again meanwhile my poor cousin is standing in the front alongside his parents. The doors flung open and along with her uncle and aunt the bride came down the aisle while the lady that was doing the second reading was taking her place.

The bride rushed to my cousin’s side and the mass continued. 10 minutes later the rest of the bridesmaids, flowergirls, and the bride’s parents entered the church. Everything was great after that until we got to the reception hall.

I will continue my story on a different day about what happened at the reception. The lesson of today’s story is that both my parent’s and my in-laws have been warned about arriving late. The wedding will go on with or without them as long as both my HBoO and I are there.

I love my cousin and wish him and his new bride a happy marriage full of love and joy. I am not telling you their story to make fun of the situation in anyway but simply to point out that things do go wrong. I think we lose sight of what’s important during the wedding planning the most important part isn’t the guestlist or the crazy amounts of signage we will have but that we are marrying the love of our lives. Like I’ve previously said things will go wrong and people will stress you out but what matters is that you committing your lives to each other in front of the world. The next morning after the wedding is all done you will be married and have made vows to each other that you must nurture as much as you have all the details of the wedding.

Good Luck and Happy planning to all of you…

One thought on “Murphy’s Law…

  1. Oh that stinks for the new bride and groom. That is what I am worried about. Missing details that could have a result like that.Unfortunately, my best friend attended 2 weddings where everything went wrong like, theft, no photographer, being overcharged, wedding crashers, etc.Let's just hope we are luckier on our wedding days!

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