We have table numbers….Pt 1

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In my journey to become the Mrs. I have found myself developing more technical skills than I ever thought a bride could use. Like I previously mentioned here I learned how to use illustrator to make my diy map for my invitations. When I first began doing my table numbers I wanted to do something creative with the canvas that I bought from Art Supply Warehouse but after trying different things I decided that it was too time consuming to paint all the numbers by hand.

I decided to go a different route after seeing my fellow blogger August15bride‘s table numbers. How amazing are these?

Or how about Mrs. Tiramisu’s table numbers?


I knew that I wanted to use some of our pictures to enhance our tables and make it even more personal. Next time I will tell you how I accomplished it and show you our table numbers.

Are you going to have table numbers? Where did you get your inspiration?

3 thoughts on “We have table numbers….Pt 1

  1. We will have table numbers. Our inspiration came from what we love to do together is paint. We actually purchased mini easels & canvases where we will paint the table number and underneath write the number in spanish to represent my roots. It's funky, it's different but we likey.

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