Dressing the Bride…

Dress, Wedding

These are just a few of the dresses I tried on before I bought the perfect one. I went in with an open mind about the different styles and colors of the dress. I hadn’t blogged about the dress because I was so paranoid that my hubby would see my dress or say something like why didn’t you pick that one instead. Now that the wedding is over I’m finally comfortable putting up the pictures.

Dress #1: I thought this dress was pretty but I just couldn’t see myself with an orange and white dress. Just picture a half and half bar.

Dress #2: This dress was all wrong. I didn’t want sleeves, the “girls” are getting too much attention, and the material itself looked cheap.

Dress #3: This one was very lacy and romantic but it just didn’t feel like me.

Dress #4: This dress was the attempt the salesperson made at dressing me up. It was okay but still not me. You can see how my smiling is coming around. I felt like a cupcake in it.

Dress #5: Another attempt at a different type of dress. This is still not me since I really don’t like the bodice. The buttons in the back where actually a zipper which was cool but seriously not my style.

Dress #6: I was really close to getting this dress because I loved the fabric and it made me feel pretty. Can you tell with the cheesy smile I have that I love it? It made the top two choice but I knew which dress I was getting before I even stepped foot in the store.

Stay tune to see the dress that took my breath away. How many dresses did you try on before you found the “one”? Where you set on a specific style or were you open minded like I was?

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