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Review #3: Alfred Angelo Bridal

I love my dress but the company’s customer service department needs a makeover. Their so called “sales” are on going and if you wait a day from when you receive a “coupon” you will probably get a better deal. I would give them a better review if I would have been treated better but I wasn’t. When I attempted to contact their customer service department they gave me the run around even after e-mailing them twice. I regret buying my bridesmaids dresses there since they didn’t take my girls measurements right and their dresses didn’t fit them. How was it possible that all 5 of them needed to get their dresses altered. Thank goodness my dress didn’t need any alterations but 5 bustles which I also regret getting them done there since they over charge. If you do get your dress there you should take it somewhere else to get altered and steamed. They charged me an arm and a leg to get it steamed and pressed. If I could have done things over I would have gotten my dress somewhere else. I don’t mind paying for quality service but there prices are ridiculous when you take into account their attitude and what you have to pay for alterations and other things.

I truly believe (from my experience) that Alfred Angelo is a company that threats you right up to the point were they have your money and after that you’re on your own.

The only thing good that came out of my whole experience there was my dress. My hubby loved it and so did everyone else. I can’t look at it without thinking about how I was treated by their customer service department.

*My thoughts and opinions do not represent those of my sponsors.

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