Recap: Let’s Continue the Reviews…

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Review #2: Mariachi Espuelas de Mexico

As I previously stated here having a great mariachi was important to us and we succeeded by choosing Mariachi Espuelas de Mexico. Although we did not have a chance to truly enjoy their performance because we were whisked away by our photographers to take photos we have heard very positive feedback from all our guests. My parents are still raving about how great the mariachi sounded. My mother even said that one of her friends stated, “Now this is a mariachi!” Her friend is from Guadalajara, Mexico where she has seen and heard countless of mariachis. All the mariachi members were very polite and professional. I wish I would have taken their photo to show you how amazing they looked. Anyone in a search for a mariachi who lives in the L.A./O.C. area should definitely hire this mariachi.

Once again to refresh everyone’s memory we opted for 6 musicians and paid for 2 hours. The best part was before they left for the evening they asked if I had any request and they played my favorite one, El Mariachi Loco.

This mariachi is worth the money we paid for it and we will definitely hire them again for family event. If you don’t believe me or simply want to check them out you should go see them at Super Antojitos 1702 N. Bristol Avenue Santa Ana, CA where they perform there every Friday.

Mariachi Espuelas de Mexico

Leader Jose Luis Yanez
(714) 404-8962

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