Recap: Italian + Family = Our Rehearsal Dinner

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Review #4: Buca di Beppo

Since I’m doing recaps and vendor reviews for our wedding I figure I should go back and talk about our rehearsal dinner. When we were first deciding on where to have my family suggested a BBQ. My mom and aunt had agreed to put it all together and planned on doing it the night before our wedding. The menu was set and everyone was invited. About a week before the wedding we decided to change our plans since we didn’t really want to bother my family. As I was looking for a restaurant that could accommodate 25 individuals I recalled that for my cousin’s first communion we had a banquet at Buca di Beppo. I loved that all I had to do was e-mail my reservation with the amount of guest and the next morning they called to confirm. They were really friendly and when I asked if I could pre-set the menu they gave me suggestions for the amount of guest that we were having.

If you haven’t been to Buca di Beppo then let me do a quick overview of it:
1) The atmosphere is fun
2) It’s an Italian restaurant
3) The walls are covered with different things from photographs to old advertisement (Every time we go I see something different.)
4) Everything is served family style (Sharing is Caring!)
5) The food is great especially when you have amazing friends and family to share it with

With all these things in mind we just had to do it. We all had a blast and it was a way to re-energize ourselves before the big day. The best part was that my family didn’t have to worry about throwing a huge party and the clean up afterward. Since everything was served family style it wasn’t too expensive for a party of 25. Oh and as a sweet touch the restaurant gave us a picture frame and card congratulating us.

I would recommend Bucca di Beppo for a rehearsal dinner. If you do plan on going though I would suggest that you ask for the Pope Table.

Thanks Mom and Dad for paying for the lovely dinner.

Where did you have your rehearsal dinner? Where you able to relax and enjoy it?

Recap: The Dress Review…

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Review #3: Alfred Angelo Bridal

I love my dress but the company’s customer service department needs a makeover. Their so called “sales” are on going and if you wait a day from when you receive a “coupon” you will probably get a better deal. I would give them a better review if I would have been treated better but I wasn’t. When I attempted to contact their customer service department they gave me the run around even after e-mailing them twice. I regret buying my bridesmaids dresses there since they didn’t take my girls measurements right and their dresses didn’t fit them. How was it possible that all 5 of them needed to get their dresses altered. Thank goodness my dress didn’t need any alterations but 5 bustles which I also regret getting them done there since they over charge. If you do get your dress there you should take it somewhere else to get altered and steamed. They charged me an arm and a leg to get it steamed and pressed. If I could have done things over I would have gotten my dress somewhere else. I don’t mind paying for quality service but there prices are ridiculous when you take into account their attitude and what you have to pay for alterations and other things.

I truly believe (from my experience) that Alfred Angelo is a company that threats you right up to the point were they have your money and after that you’re on your own.

The only thing good that came out of my whole experience there was my dress. My hubby loved it and so did everyone else. I can’t look at it without thinking about how I was treated by their customer service department.

*My thoughts and opinions do not represent those of my sponsors.

Recap: Let’s Continue the Reviews…

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Review #2: Mariachi Espuelas de Mexico

As I previously stated here having a great mariachi was important to us and we succeeded by choosing Mariachi Espuelas de Mexico. Although we did not have a chance to truly enjoy their performance because we were whisked away by our photographers to take photos we have heard very positive feedback from all our guests. My parents are still raving about how great the mariachi sounded. My mother even said that one of her friends stated, “Now this is a mariachi!” Her friend is from Guadalajara, Mexico where she has seen and heard countless of mariachis. All the mariachi members were very polite and professional. I wish I would have taken their photo to show you how amazing they looked. Anyone in a search for a mariachi who lives in the L.A./O.C. area should definitely hire this mariachi.

Once again to refresh everyone’s memory we opted for 6 musicians and paid for 2 hours. The best part was before they left for the evening they asked if I had any request and they played my favorite one, El Mariachi Loco.

This mariachi is worth the money we paid for it and we will definitely hire them again for family event. If you don’t believe me or simply want to check them out you should go see them at Super Antojitos 1702 N. Bristol Avenue Santa Ana, CA where they perform there every Friday.

Mariachi Espuelas de Mexico

Leader Jose Luis Yanez
(714) 404-8962

Recap: Let the Reviewing Begin…

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Let me begin by saying that we had the most amazing vendors. Seriously this is not joke they all worked together and it all made for an unforgettable wedding.

Review #1: Shawn Vasquez

Finding the right DJ for our wedding was crucial since we needed someone that was bilingual and upbeat like we are. Our prayers were answered by Daisy13 (Erika) from the the Wedding Bee who sent me a message and recommended Shawn to me. When we first met Shawn we knew that he was unlike other DJ’s my hubby and I had spoken to. Other DJ’s lacked something that Shawn had which was a genuine concern on how we wanted our day to unfold. We not only spoke to him over the phone but he met with us on a couple of different occasions and indulged us by letting us go see him perform before we actually hired him. (Yes, I know we are totally the kind of people that have to do research before we purchase anything.) We were hooked on Shawn because of his attention to detail and his bilingual abilities. Shawn had a wide range of music from rancheras to cumbias and nortenas. He also has your usual hip hop to country range. Before our wedding we were able to give him a list of songs that we liked and he worked from those and made a playlist of the songs for our wedding.

The day of our wedding he showed up on time and dressed professionally. His tie even matched our wedding colors. Since we had previously set a timeline of how our wedding day was going to be we put it in his hand and everything worked wonderfully. He knew exactly when to get us for things like the grand entrance and the bouquet toss.

Everyone at our wedding had a blast and my parents even commented on how great the DJ was. The music was so great and the atmosphere was so fun that only a couple of people left our wedding and the rest stayed and danced the night away. Needless to say Shawn played everything on our playlist and even made room for request our guests had. For the centerpiece raffle the guest played a game to see who would take it home. He made guest interact with each other and made our wedding a blast. Before the garter toss I couldn’t find mine and Shawn said he brought a back up one in case I needed it. I’m telling you this DJ is super organized and had an incredible personality.

Now that I’ve told you all about his skills lets move on to the fun part: pricing. Shawn is affordable and he is willing to work within your budget. I really believe that his services are worth every penny.

Lets move unto the highlights of the evening and why I say he is worth hiring. My hubby and I had decided that we did not want to do a first dance song and we opted to do the Hockey Pockey instead. We never told the bridal party but we did tell Shawn. Once we did our grand entrance Shawn asked the bridal party to form a circle around us and then he started playing our song. Everyone burst into laughter and as the bridal party looked confused everyone began to dance. The thing that I LOVED and ENJOYED the most was that the music was so amazing that my hubby actually danced. This is a huge deal because I LOVE to DANCE and he hates it. I’m telling you I have never danced so much with my hubby. If he can get someone to dance who absolutely hates it then you know he is worth it.

Shawn Vasquez
(323) 868-3772

What has been your experience with your DJ or the process of hiring one? Was your DJ worth hiring?