Recap: Where’s the Cake?

Photographers, Wedding

Remember these? As I mentioned here the hubby and I met at Disneyland and since I worked there for almost 10 years I decided that we needed something to represent that part of our lives. I didn’t want things to be too Disney like so I went with something simple and plain.

Once we had a topper we had to decide what we were going to put it on. Since we had our reception at the Cheesecake Factory it was only fitting that we have cheesecake for our dessert instead of cake. We opted to have 1 Godiva Cheesecake, 3 Fresh Tiramisu Cheesecakes, 3 Fresh Banana Cream Cheesecake, and 35 individual size Fresh Strawberry Cheesecakes. I’m telling you I was completely in heaven with all the cheesecake too bad that I wasn’t hungry to enjoy them all.

Thanks to my MOH I was able to actually go to Disneyland and purchase a porcelain piece.

So what do you think of my cake topper? Did you have wedding cake or something different?

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