Recap: Oh Mama…

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The day of our wedding my mom and my mother-in-law went bright and early to get all dolled up. My mom looked great when she came back but once she began to help me finish up clean up the apartment she began to sweat. By the time I came back from the salon her makeup was ruined. I told her not all was lost because I could fix it and as I attempted to do that our photographer came into our apartment. One of the things I learned on our wedding day was how important it really was to get a great makeup artist. My mom’s makeup wasn’t the only one messed up and I’m really glad I choose the right stylist/makeup artist.

This photo is of my mom and I as she is giving me her blessing before we left the apartment.

Both of my parents were extremely helpful on the day of the wedding and I would love to thank them.

This is a photo of my mom and I right before I walked down the aisle. She needed to make sure I looked great.

I love this photo of my mom and I because I am never able to catch her with her real smile. When I took my mom and mother-in-law shopping for there dresses my mom saw hers and fell in love with it. Her favorite color is burgundy and there was no way of changing her mind.

All photos taken by Studio 7 Photography

I love all these photos of my mom and I am grateful to our photographers for doing such a great job.

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