1st Birthday Party (Mickey & Minnie Mouse)

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Looking back at this past weekend I realized that I never did a recap of my daughter’s 1st birthday party.  I planned tirelessly for several weeks without realizing that the week before the party I was going to get a terrible cold. The day of the party everything that could go wrong did for but nonetheless we had a blast. Hardly anyone knew that I was involved in a hit-and-run accident on my way to the venue. My original cake that I stayed up all night working on along with 60% of my desserts were ruined as a result of the accident. My little Buttercup refused to take a nap that day and was super fuzzy. About 10% of the desserts that made it through the accident began to melt. Would I change things about that party? Absolutely. Would it really matter to anyone but me? Probably not. Like I previously mentioned here the day of the party is dedicated to fun. I had a blast watching everyone put on their Mickey & Minnie ears, playing carnival games, and mostly I enjoyed celebrating with those I love. Without further ado here’s a little glimpse at the party we thew my little Buttercup last year.











Invitations: DIY

Venue: Newland Barn

Pinata and toys: Los Angeles Toy District

Taquero: Water store on Dale St. and Chapman in Garden Grove, CA

Food and drinks: Costco

Carnival Games: Amazon

Well there you have it folks bits and pieces of the party we thew my little Buttercup. Will she remember it? No, but will I tell her how much I loved planning it. On another note I really need to start taking more photos of all the DIY things I do.

Please refer to my two Pinterest board for more inspiration. HERE and HERE

Please stay tune in the following weeks for a re-cap of this year’s Frozen extravaganza.

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Life: A Hello Kitty Birthday Party

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Last weekend we celebrated our little goddaughter’s 7th birthday.  She had never had a party and we couldn’t be happier to be able to do it for her.  We decided early on to make it a surprise party and we didn’t tell anyone in the Hubby’s side of the family.  We were hoping to have a beautiful sunny Southern California day but unfortunately it was extremely cold.  It was so cold I had to bring out blankets for everyone to use.  I know that if my family from Kansas is reading this they will laugh at us but give me a break 50 °F is cold to us.   If you follow me on Twitter or on Instagram you know that I got a cold the day after Thanksgiving.  I wasn’t planning on getting sick and as a result I didn’t have time to finish up some projects I had planned to do.  Without further ado here’s the small party we had for our little goddaughter.

Hello Kitty Tables

Hello Kitty Water

Hello Kitty Marshmallows

Hello Kitty Banana Pudding

Hello Kitty Cake

Hello Kitty Cake Pops

Hello Kitty Dessert Table

Hello Kitty Pinata

Birthday banner: Party City.

Hello Kitty hats: I added the Hello Kitty faces to hats from Target using my friend’s Cricut cartridge.

Hello Kitty water: I got the idea from here.

Hello Kitty cotton candy: I bought it at the 99 cent only store.

Hello Kitty marshmallows: I bought them at Daiso Japan.

Banana pudding recipe: Here

Cake and candle: Ralphs

Hello Kitty cake pops: Bakerella

Hello Kitty Piñata: Our local hispanic water store

I hope you enjoyed the little party we threw for our sweet goddaughter. It was a lot of work but it was well worth it. One thing I learned during this party was that if I’m hosting I don’t have time to take pictures.


Recap: The handsome groomsmen…

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When I first got engaged I knew exactly who were going to be the groomsmen. That’s right you heard correctly I was the one that decided who the groomsmen were going to be.  Its not that my hubby doesn’t have any friends but more like the I am very close to my cousins and it was important to me that they be part of our wedding.

My cousins are a big part of my life and they are more like brothers to me than family.  

The first time they saw me in my dress.

At the church while the priest is saying the homily. 

The guys having some fun!!
These are my cousins.

I love the groomsmen because they did an amazing job helping out especially my cousin D.  Thanks for all your hard work and for all your help.  Thanks to my best friend D as well for all that he did and my cousin N for being so wonderful.

Who were your groomsmen and were they close to your hubby?

Recap: The lovely ladies…

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My bridesmaids were awesome and I can’t thank them enough for all the hard work they put into the wedding.  They were like the sister I always imagined would take care of me on my day.  They took care of any loose ends that arose.

From Left to Right:
A is my beautiful younger cousin.  Nobody thought she was going to agree to be part of the bridal party but when I asked she was glad to do it.
V is my best friend/maid of honor. I’ve known her for more than 10 years and we used to be roommates before I married my hubby.  
M is one of my friends that I meet when I used to work at the happiest place on earth. When I asked her to be my bridesmaid everyone believed she was going to say no because the last time she wore a dress was during prom but to everyones surprise she agreed.  She is an amazing person and she looked spectacular in that bridesmaid dress.
M was such a help because she had already gone through the planning process.  M and her hubby got married in Indonesia and had a great reception for those that couldn’t make it after they got back.  She is sweet and made sure that the flower girls were preoccupied. 
K is another friend I meet at work and that I’ve kept in touch even after she quit and became a young professional.  She is so special to the hubby and I that she actually became my hubby’s sponsor when he did his confirmation.
I love all my ladies and really appreciate all the hard work they did.  Thank you!!

I love this photo of the ladies with my hubby.  

I remember that I used to wake up in the middle of the night stressing out that the color was going to be too bright but I love how these dresses came out. 

Recap: My Love was Strong for Chuck!

Re-cap, Shoes, Wedding

Remember when I was having a dilemma on what shoes I was going to wear here

 I really wanted to do the lady like thing and wear the heels but then I realized that it won’t be me.  My hubby and I bought chucks a couple of weeks before the wedding. I wore orange ones and he wore black ones.  I’m so glad I got to wear them too because I wasn’t tired running around all day in them. 
One person that didn’t find the idea of wearing chucks with a wedding dress very flattering was my mom of course. I love her reaction in this photo when I showed her the shoes I was wearing. 
My hubby said that his mom had the same reaction.
So what shoes did you wear on your wedding? Were they comfortable? 

Recap: Guess Who’s Back and with a New Look!!

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I'm finally back. I hope you've missed me because I come with more wedding photos. As you can recall from this post I've already reviewed my vendor and I hadn't shown you photos of the whole thing yet.  Just one thing to point out one thing my dress hanger is not the wooden one I had bought but the plastic one they gave me at the bridal store. Oops I completely forgot to change it until it was too late.

More loveliness here »

Recap: The Younger Side of Our Wedding…

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Remember the ring pillow that I talked about here well this is how it looks with our handsome ringbearer. This is my little cousin/godson that volunteer to be the ringbearer when he heard we were getting married. Doesn’t my little man look absolutely handsome?

The flower girls consisted of my hubby’s nieces and aunt’s daughter. Two of our little flower girls were 2 years old and the youngest one was 1.
This is a close up of our flower girl dresses and the flower baskets that I made and I shared with you here. The girls walked down the aisle with the flower baskets in hand without really destroying the baskets or the flowers which was really amazing.

Our ringbearer attempting to get one of my hubby’s niece back to her seat.

My bridesmaids did try to keep the situation under control by distracting the other flower girl with coloring books and candy.

Just one more flower girl photo.

How was the younger side of your wedding?

Recap: On this day…

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Since its Veterans Day and everyone is giving thanks to all the men and women that have given so much for our country I would like to do the same. As you can recall from here and here we set our wedding date upon the return of my cousin from his tour in Iraq. I’m so glad we waited for him to come home because it wouldn’t have been the same without him there. He is so cute the day after the wedding he came up to me and said that when he saw me come down the aisle he shed a tear. Our family is so close and tight knit that he is more like a brother than a cousin. On this day I would like to commend my cousin Sgt R. for doing something that I would never be able to do.

These are my cousins who are more like my brothers. I love this photo of us.

This is my cousin as we are greeting everyone outside the church.

My cousin and my friend walking down the aisle.
To all the men and women who have served and will serve over seas I want to say thank you for all your hard work and your sacrifices.

Recap: Guess what…?

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My best friend and maid of honor just got engaged. Yay! I’m so excited. What does this mean to you guys well more wedding inspirations coming soon. I’m so happy for her fiance and her that I just couldn’t help but share the news with you guys. Once we start the planning process I will glady share with you guys the details of that wedding.

I met my MOH about 10 years ago at a Disney orientation and we have been inseparable ever since. When they say dreams can come true at Disney they really do mean it. Well, I think I might a tad bias since I met my husband and one of my best friends there.
I don’t know yet if I will be her MOH since she hasn’t asked me officially yet so I won’t jump the gun but whatever position I am needed in I will gladly help her out. She did such an amazing job helping me out that I just can’t wait to repay the favor. I seriously feel like I was the one proposed to because I am extremely happy for her.
She was such a great help during my wedding especially when it came to doing all the bustles on my dress.

Here is one of my favorite photos of her and I during my wedding. This photo makes me really happy and I love it. My MOH was and is more like a sister than a friend because in the past ten years we have gone through a lot together.

Congrats to the newly engaged couple!

Recap: Oh Mama…

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The day of our wedding my mom and my mother-in-law went bright and early to get all dolled up. My mom looked great when she came back but once she began to help me finish up clean up the apartment she began to sweat. By the time I came back from the salon her makeup was ruined. I told her not all was lost because I could fix it and as I attempted to do that our photographer came into our apartment. One of the things I learned on our wedding day was how important it really was to get a great makeup artist. My mom’s makeup wasn’t the only one messed up and I’m really glad I choose the right stylist/makeup artist.

This photo is of my mom and I as she is giving me her blessing before we left the apartment.

Both of my parents were extremely helpful on the day of the wedding and I would love to thank them.

This is a photo of my mom and I right before I walked down the aisle. She needed to make sure I looked great.

I love this photo of my mom and I because I am never able to catch her with her real smile. When I took my mom and mother-in-law shopping for there dresses my mom saw hers and fell in love with it. Her favorite color is burgundy and there was no way of changing her mind.

All photos taken by Studio 7 Photography

I love all these photos of my mom and I am grateful to our photographers for doing such a great job.