1st Birthday Party (Mickey & Minnie Mouse)

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Looking back at this past weekend I realized that I never did a recap of my daughter’s 1st birthday party.  I planned tirelessly for several weeks without realizing that the week before the party I was going to get a terrible cold. The day of the party everything that could go wrong did for but nonetheless we had a blast. Hardly anyone knew that I was involved in a hit-and-run accident on my way to the venue. My original cake that I stayed up all night working on along with 60% of my desserts were ruined as a result of the accident. My little Buttercup refused to take a nap that day and was super fuzzy. About 10% of the desserts that made it through the accident began to melt. Would I change things about that party? Absolutely. Would it really matter to anyone but me? Probably not. Like I previously mentioned here the day of the party is dedicated to fun. I had a blast watching everyone put on their Mickey & Minnie ears, playing carnival games, and mostly I enjoyed celebrating with those I love. Without further ado here’s a little glimpse at the party we thew my little Buttercup last year.











Invitations: DIY

Venue: Newland Barn

Pinata and toys: Los Angeles Toy District

Taquero: Water store on Dale St. and Chapman in Garden Grove, CA

Food and drinks: Costco

Carnival Games: Amazon

Well there you have it folks bits and pieces of the party we thew my little Buttercup. Will she remember it? No, but will I tell her how much I loved planning it. On another note I really need to start taking more photos of all the DIY things I do.

Please refer to my two Pinterest board for more inspiration. HERE and HERE

Please stay tune in the following weeks for a re-cap of this year’s Frozen extravaganza.

Check out my Pinterest board for my little Buttercup’s 2nd birthday party HERE.



Our little Buttercup’s cute owl nursery

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When we first were deciding on a theme we wanted to do something gender neutral but at the end we went with a cute girly theme. One day while we where at Babies R Us the Hubby saw the cute owl bedding and fell in love with it.  Since I originally wanted to do a Toy Story theme it took a little more convincing for me but after I found out my grandma loved owls I was sold on the idea.  The nursery is one of my favorite places to sit and relax.  I hope you enjoy our little Buttercup’s room as much as we do.

Cute Owl Nursery - Sweets and Life

Cute Owl Nursery - Sweets and Life

Cute Owl Nursery - Sweets and Life

Cute Owl Nursery - Sweets and Life

Cute Owl Nursery - Sweets and LIfe

Cute Owl Nursery- Sweets and Life

Cute Owl Nursery - Sweets and Life

Cute Owl Nursery - Sweets and Life

The details

Chair and foot stool- Ikea Poang

Owl decal – Amazon

Owl lamp – Amazon (baby shower gift)

Owl Crib Bedding – Amazon (we got ours from Babies R Us but they don’t sell it anymore)

Giraffe – Disney Store (Lion King Collection)

Books – Yard sales, gifts, Burlington Coat Factory, and Target

Crib – Graco Charleston

Mattress – Target

Dresser – Ikea Hemnes

Hampers – Ikea Filur Bin

Blackout Curtains – Target (At first we had white ones but the green ones made the room darker for nap time.)

I’m so happy to finally be able to share my little Buttercup’s nursery with you. I hope you all like it as much as I do. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Life: On trying to be a better me

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…well at least I’m hoping that by having a more structured blog I will become a better blogger.  This morning as I was going through my old Twitter and blog posts I realized that I’ve had quite an interesting last year but I failed to blog about it here.  I tend to tweet more about what’s going on in my life than to actually sit down and blog about it.

Throughout the day I walk around thinking about great blog topics but I usually second guess myself about wether or not I should write about something.  I mean seriously who’s out there reading the random things I often say.  At the beginning of the year the hubby bought me my own domain name and if that doesn’t say love and encouragement I don’t know what does.  It was only a $10 purchase but the fact that the hubby believes in me enough to think that I deserve to have it says a lot about the type of man that I married.  I’ve realized that this little blog might develop into a career but what the heck do I have to lose.  This year I’ve decided that I need to take more risks and believe in what those possibilities could bring.

Its time to take a leap of faith and see where I land.  I mean I already know where my passions lie so I guess I’m a tad ahead of the game. I love photography, baking, social media, and a ton of other things that I’ve mentioned throughout this blog.

Since I know that I have to work for my dreams I shall begin by letting everyone know what this blog will undergo some serious change.  Over the next year I will be learning HTMLJava ScriptPhotoshop, several other programing languages and photo editing software that will be implemented into this blog.  Please expect some changes to happen to this site along with posts on things that I find interesting.  Since I love to bake I plan on doing more of it this year too so don’t be turned away by the mayhem this site is about to experience.  
The structure I was talking about earlier has to do with assigning days to specific posts that way if you’re interested in one topic over another you can come back on those days but if you’re really cool you’ll come back all week long.
Wednesdays = Wordless Wednesdays
Fridays = Date night Fridays
The rest of the week I’m reserving for random types of posts until I come up with other cool ones. 
Next week I’ll be rolling this out and until then please feel free to look around and explore my blog.  Please let me know if there is something else you might want to read about since I’m open for suggestions.  Since I’ve mentioned several times before I love quotes and here’s a great one I found on Pinterest check out more awesome quotes here.