Recap: My Love was Strong for Chuck!

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Remember when I was having a dilemma on what shoes I was going to wear here

 I really wanted to do the lady like thing and wear the heels but then I realized that it won’t be me.  My hubby and I bought chucks a couple of weeks before the wedding. I wore orange ones and he wore black ones.  I’m so glad I got to wear them too because I wasn’t tired running around all day in them. 
One person that didn’t find the idea of wearing chucks with a wedding dress very flattering was my mom of course. I love her reaction in this photo when I showed her the shoes I was wearing. 
My hubby said that his mom had the same reaction.
So what shoes did you wear on your wedding? Were they comfortable? 

Oh Chucks, how do I love thee..

Shoes, Wedding

Okay like many before me I have joined the wedding shoe bandwagon. I love this beautiful red shoes that peeps from underneath her wedding dress. The only problem is finding the right pair of shoes.

Oh how perfect it would be to wear my sweet and oh so old trusty Converse on my wedding day. I wear chucks on a daily base and feel that they are so much part of my personality that I should wear some either in the ceremony or the reception. I still haven’t ruled it out completely especially after seeing this beautiful bride rocking some lavender ones.


If I wanted to go the traditional route I would go with something white like these. As a matter of fact my mom asked me which white shoes I was going with. I just can’t see me wearing white shoes on my wedding date because it’s simply not me.


If I had the money to splurge (or more like if I wouldn’t feel guilty about it) I would buy the ultimate wedding day shoes. I fell in love with these one day when going on the Neiman Marcus website and I later found out that they the same ones that Carrie wears in the Sex in the City Movie.


One day while we made a quick stop at Ross I found the shoes I was looking for. I got a great deal for these Calvin Klein shoes which I only paid $30 for. My HBoO (the FI will now be known as my Honey Bunches of Oats) loved them and so did I.

So what kind of shoes are you wearing for your wedding? Do you like mine? Should I still consider buying some Chucks to wear?