Recap: On this day…

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Since its Veterans Day and everyone is giving thanks to all the men and women that have given so much for our country I would like to do the same. As you can recall from here and here we set our wedding date upon the return of my cousin from his tour in Iraq. I’m so glad we waited for him to come home because it wouldn’t have been the same without him there. He is so cute the day after the wedding he came up to me and said that when he saw me come down the aisle he shed a tear. Our family is so close and tight knit that he is more like a brother than a cousin. On this day I would like to commend my cousin Sgt R. for doing something that I would never be able to do.

These are my cousins who are more like my brothers. I love this photo of us.

This is my cousin as we are greeting everyone outside the church.

My cousin and my friend walking down the aisle.
To all the men and women who have served and will serve over seas I want to say thank you for all your hard work and your sacrifices.

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