Key Lime Cake…(Cake 4)

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This cake was simple but delicious.  I love lemons and limes so I thought this cake was perfect.  The only I didn’t like about this cake is that the recipe makes only a 8-inch cake.  We shared this one with my in-laws. 

Things new to me:
Key lime

What I learned from this recipe:
Pocking holes in a cake shouldn’t be done with a knife
Double check ingredients to make sure you don’t run out during baking process

I ran out of confectioners sugar and ended up using less of the glaze than it called for.

So what did everyone think about this cake…

…they thought it was perfect because it was not overwhelmingly tangy.  My hubby loved it because he prefers cakes that don’t have frosting and so does my mother-in-law.  I thought it was a delicate cake that you can have with tea.

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