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I am so glad that the the Biggest Loser is back after a two week hiatus.  When this season began something clicked inside of me that I had never experienced before.  That’s right I’m admitting it here in front of all of you, “I’m not happy with my weight.”  The obvious remark that I might hear some of you say is, “Stop eating sweets and that should fix your problem.”  My aunt told my mom this week that if I keep baking cakes and eating them I’m going to gain a crazy amount of weight.  What my aunt doesn’t know is that when I bake a cake I only taste it and the rest I share with others.  Part of my problem is sweets but the biggest one is the lack of exercise.
So, what exactly clicked inside of me?

Every Tuesday as I sat in front of my t.v. seeing the contestants weight themselves in I realized that I hadn’t done that in a while.  When I finally got around to purchasing a scale I was shocked at how much I had gained since the wedding. (If you Google weight gain and marriage you’ll get a list of links that show the correlation between them.) This is when I realized that something had to change. 

Three weeks ago I didn’t begin a diet but a lifestyle change.  My hubby and I went from not working out at all to jogging 4 days a week.  
My goals:
Short term- run/walk/jog 5 days a week
Mid term- 1/2 marathon 
Long term- marathon
Other changes I have done:
Stopped eating after 8pm or at least 4 hours before we go to bed 
Added more veggies in our diet
The hubby and I have decided that we are worth the effort it takes to exercise daily and that a balanced diet is doable.  I will keep you posted on our progress through our newly adapted lifestyle change.  Weight loss is great but becoming a healthier individual is what we are striving for. 
Since your wedding or since you met your significant other have you gained weight, your partner has gained weight, or both of you have gained weight?  Are you doing anything to change it?

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