Dating: What happens to it after marriage?

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Let me begin by saying that the hubby and I have been going out since 2001 and have been married since last year and we still enjoying going out on dates.  He stole my heart when he first asked me out because he gave me three choices which didn’t include dinner and a movie.  At that time I was tired of the typical date and was glad that along came a young guy who was more imaginative.  As a matter of fact it wasn’t until the past couple of years that our dates include dinner and a movie.   
Our dates have ranged from going to museums to concerts to comedy clubs and plays the hubby always seems to surprise me.  One thing that changed last year as we were planning our wedding was our frugality in regards to dates.  We began to get really creative with our dates since we were trying to save up money for our wedding.  Since we live in Southern California we haven’t had a problem finding places where we can to without spending much money.  Once of our favorite places to go is the Getty if you have never gone there you should check it out.  
Now that we are married and our week seems to fly by we have found that it’s just as important that we find time to go out on dates.  The best part of the dates are that we get to reconnect and re-energize with each other after a long week of work and school.  We are often asked by my younger cousins what are our secrets for being so in love after almost 9 years of dating and we tell them that they are are to whisper sweet nothings and wooing each other.
So do you and your significant other find time to go out on dates? Can you share with me where you like to go?         

One thought on “Dating: What happens to it after marriage?

  1. My husband and I try to do lots of active dates, like long hikes on Sunday afternoons. We've just moved to a new state, so that gives us lots of chances to explore on date days!

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